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Penelope Querida · (206)227-2532 · Seattle Escort

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Escape with me and get lost in my mystique; breathe deeply, feel every sensation, and remember what it's like to feel vibrantly alive and on fire for every moment.

A little bit about me:

I have a highly sensual and unique style that was called "quite simply the best" in one of my most recent reviews. My highly erotic, two-way temple-style massage blends elements of deep rub with the dramatic visuals of hot yoga. I've recently come into a fantastic new epoch of sensuality, and it has taken my practice to a whole new level of eroticism. If you want to get lost in lust, come and spend some time with me and let your soul dance amidst the cosmos.

I'm bilingual, college-educated and hold a "real job" that has sent me to various parts of the world to tell many different people's stories. I'm a youthful thirty-one, and a passion for fitness has helped me keep my youth. I have naturally luscious lips, as well as quite the irresistible posterior--it was once described as a "perfect half-moon", and I cannot deny that it is indeed quite perfect! Dare I say I'm quite a beauty, with a toned-but-not-too-toned, athletic-yet-feminine look, long legs, and a taut tummy..think college volleyball player. I have dark green eyes, and the features of my face give me an air of eastern European descent though I am from the Emerald City.

I have a crown of long, soft, auburn curls sure to tickle every inch of your body as I explore every ache and pain. My thirst to absorb the world and everyone in it will provide for dazzling conversation as we get acquainted, sure to enchant your intellect as deeply as your physicality. I'm 5'8", and not only give an excellent massage but will provide you with a bewitching overall experience that you will remember for many moons.

I can't wait to meet you!
Penelope xoxo

How To Set Up a Session:
Please email me, and have the following ready in your email:
1. A bit about yourself. Doesn't have to be long, just a sentence or two. But the more I know about you, the more excited I will be to make your acquaintance.
2. A forum board handle and/or a link to some reviews you've written, or at least two provider references to vouch for you.
3. I'm newbie friendly! If you don't yet have any references, please email regardless, and we can discuss your screening options. We'll work something out. ;) Be prepared to possibly divulge personal information--the best way to screen brand newbies is by identification of your real name and a way to link you to the real world through something like a LinkedIn account or employment verification. I am professional and very discreet and have never had any issues with discretion when taking this or any other screening avenue.
4. ...and lastly, please be sure to include how long of a session you'd like and what time and date you'd like (I do take same-day appointments). Including this information in your initial email will speed up the process of scheduling and put you and I skin-to-skin that much more quickly. Yay!

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