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Sarah Nicole · Seattle Escort

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I offer you a luxurious, worldly, highly personal experience. More than a girlfriend, I seek to find your core needs and meet them with style, grace, and loving passion.

I adore men, and seek to prove it with every encounter.

I am a healer, and am loving, compassionate, sensual and passionate by nature. I study the human condition in its many forms and love to share of myself. I strive to be what you need.

I have studied psychology, sociology and human xxxxx biology, wellness, mental health, spiritual health, xxxxx health, nutrition, physical fitness, disease prevention, religions and cultures. I have traveled to many parts of the world. I am here to fulfill your needs and desires, without judgment.

My services are tailored to each client. Many options are available, to include role-play and toy-play as you may desire. I am passionate and adventurous by nature. Let us take an adventure together!

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