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Your Darling Deviant

A woman best described as a passionate non-conformist, a sapiosexual rebel, and an unabashed debauchee.

Polyamorous in every aspect, I have created a life that values the cultivation of unique relationships and the collection of experiences. I have always walked the path less traveled - marched to the beat of my own drum if you will and have found beauty often lies in the most unexpected places. Take my hand, let's see what we can discover, you & I.

I harbor a deep wanderlust; the adventure of the unknown is one of my favorite aphrodisiacs. My restless heart has taken me to the tops of mountains and to hidden hot springs but I must confess, the city is where I feel at home. The smell of coffee and worn pages as we explore my favorite bookstore, the glimmer of the nightlife waking up as we leave the theater, the music of the metropolis as we venture through the local shops and markets in search of the perfect wine.

I am a currently pursuing my undergraduate degree with a double major in English and Business as well as a double minor in sociology & political science. Both a bibliophile and a writer, myself, I am deeply in love with the written word. Its not unusual to find me ensconced in bed on a Sunday morning with nothing more than my newest novel and a hemp chai tea latte.

My body is a canvas too beautiful to leave blank, painted from head to toe in eclecticism. If youre the type who likes a story, ask me about any piece of my growing collection. Quite petite, I stand at an impressive 50, with a classic hourglass figure and natural, soft curves. Short, dark hair frames my pixie face and even in a crowd, my sapphire eyes will catch yours. A coy smile on heart shaped lips and a cheeky wit are my signature accessories, often framed by my black, browline glasses.

Do you think we're a match? Drop me a line and let's find out how reactive our chemistry really is.


Ivy Q.

Booking Expectations

"How soon can I see you?"

I need at least 24 hours for all date requests. My schedule doesn't allow me the luxury of accommodating last minute appointments. Pre-booked dates maintain priority - check out my monthly calendar to see when our schedules line up!

"Do you host incalls?"

I do! You'll find me in a private, nerdtastic Belltown Boudoir. Please keep in mind when booking that I do not live at my incall location.

"Are you open to outcalls?"

I am happy to come visit you at your private residence or hotel within the greater Seattle - Tacoma area! Anything over 1 hour of travel time may be available for an additional fee.

"Do you have a cancellation/deposit policy? What if I want to bring you a gift? Can you visit me in my city?"

All excellent questions! Please visit my website for the answers to all these and much more! Have a question my site doesn't answer? Send me an email!

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