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Ayna NerdGirl GFE · Seattle Escort

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I am the nerdgirl you had a crush on in college, the girl who is as stacked as the library she frequents. I am unadulterated adorkable awesomeness. I live in a world full of comic books, Science Fiction, coding and poetry.
Haunting used bookstores, stealing the crossword from old men, drinking way too much coffee are things that I like spending my free time on.
I am currently reading Brain Like Twain and Hyperion.

I am located in the International District.
If you are worried about parking-I pay for it
Ask for this option when making the appointment and I will let you know how it is done.

I need at min. 90 mins notice to host.
This allows me to check references/reviews and make everything perfect for you. If you want to add a Mediterranean travel package- let me know before.
My location is still being put together decor wise- but it is fully functional. I provide all amenities, shower, drinks, business socks etc.

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