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Adult Companionship At Its Nerdiest · 206 552 9128 · Seattle Escort

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I am a front row sitter, hand raiser, gold star receiver and giggle snorter.

I live in a world where ideas are discussed over brunch, everyone's ideas have value, and and sexuality is an art form.

My version of intimacy is like my tea: slow-boiling and strong- best served with sugar!

I am an adorkable, passionate, INFJ,hedonistic lushed bodied bookworm. I can be described as a manic pixie dream girl who reads too many comic books, watches too much Sci-Fi, and believes in both magic and science.

I am 5’1, have natural 36Is, dark brown eyes and naturally curly hair.

I consider my providing style to be full immersion GFE.

This is my own blend of sex nerd experiments, girlfriend goofiness and courtesan skill level/attention.

I am fetish friendly but will never go beyond my scope- Don't be surprised if I recommend one of my amazingly talented friends.

I am currently reading Year Zero and the Fire Starter Sessions.

Please email or text only.

Email address: 
Phone Number: 
206 552 9128

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